Philippians 2:6
The Nature Of God

6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

Christ voluntarily laid aside His rights and privileges to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. It is our choice to do that for the benefit of others. The conduct of a believer starts in the mind. If we have the mind of Christ we will conduct ourselves in life as He did. Christ died so we could have eternal life. We live so that others can be served by us in a way similar to how our Lord served us. He took manhood into deity without compromising anything. We can take the effects of the divine nature into manhood and minister to others. Christ glorified God by His obedience to the Father’s will. We can glorify God by our obedience to Him.

The Lord Jesus was not grasping for something to give advantage.
In His very nature there was eternal equity.
It wasn’t something He took on for temporary passage.
The nature of God was in Him, for He is deity.

Equal in their working is the Father and the Son.
Any work they did was always done as one together.
Some of God’s work continues; other work is done.
The cross-work is finished and redemption’s when we’re gathered.

What the Father knows, the Son knows equally.
The Father raises the dead and the Son restores life too.
Both are able to judge, but the Son’s role is in equity;
To judge churches, nations and individuals before He is through.

Both Father and Son are equal in the honor they deserve.
Honor is inherent in them, and honor to them is given.
Both are able to give new life to those who new life need,
To be regenerated and be able to go to heaven.

The nature of God is in the Lord, He exists within Himself.
He had power to dismiss His spirit and take it back again.
There is no doubt that He is God, the only thing He shelved,
Was the glory that surrounded Him when He came here from heaven.

“Father God, I know when You sent the Son, there was no lessening of His nature in any way. He had then and always, all power in heaven and earth. He is and always will be the Supreme Judge. He is and was always the eternal Son, equal to the other Persons of the Godhead. It is the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that astounds me. I praise Thee for it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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