About this Website

This website has been built to share the content of my personal devotions, a journey of nearly a decade long, one of Listening & Learning. The writings are from my devotional time with the Lord, listening to His voice and writing down what He says to me, and then meditating on it, reflecting on how it applies to my life.

Lots of the devotions I’ve written in the past decade or so include a paragraph, a poem, or a prayer, or any combination of these.

Poetry is a useful way to record my devotions because of the creative restrictions on writing. There are syllable limits for each line, rhyming words, and stanza structures. Each of these require me to slow down as I write. Slowing down and spending time meditating on what the Lord has taught me is something that I believe is necessary, as we learn to be in tune with the Spirit’s teaching and guiding us along our walk with God.

The prayers are sometimes related to the time in which they were written. Sometimes I have mentioned events, places, or groups of people in these written prayers. I’ve decided to publish them as they were written, to share my personal devotions from those times when these people were on my mind.

I hope that you’ll find these devotions helpful to encourage you on your own journey of Listening & Learning, walking with the Lord and finding joy in Him.

In Christ,