Psalm 2:1
Why the Rage?

His Anointed, the Messiah is identified so there is no doubt –
The Christ has come, and there’s no question about
The fact God sent Him once – He’ll come again with a shout;
And all men will some day stand before Him.

He is the Lord, the Master, the supreme One of all.
Only those are saved who own Him “Lord” when they call
On His name for salvation – all the others will fall
On their knees in the day of the Lord’s revelation.

God calls Him “My King”, God has set Him on high.
All ungodly kings and rulers, from His face quickly fly
Looking for refuge in caves and rocks – afraid they will die,
When they see God’s King in His glory.

The Lord calls Him His Son, He has been given all power.
That place of authority will be claimed by another,
Who will be brought down into hell, in the day God will gather
Those who have never acknowledged Jesus as Lord.

The person who is wise, be he a judge or a king,
Will humble themselves now in fear and trembling –
Will kiss the Son now in this day of blessing –
When men who trust Him make Jesus their Lord.

“O God, I am not a king or a judge, but I have come in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ and confessed Him as Lord. I know this is a work of the Holy Spirit bringing salvation to me and I thank Thee for this great blessing. My trust is in the Lord; my joy is in Him; my hope is in Him alone. I honor Him this morning and want to serve Him with reverence and fear. In His name I pray, Amen.”

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