Psalm 2
My King – My Son

Many of the references to our Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament refer to the time yet in the future when He will appear in glory and will reign as the King of kings. At His return that will bring the tribulation to an end at the battle of Armageddon, and a reign of peace will be world-wide as our Lord restores Israel as His earthly representative people. This psalm has references to it in many places in the New Testament. It is a coronation psalm for an incoming king. Likely it was sung at the coronation of some new king of Israel, maybe David. In it are unmistakable references to our Lord Jesus Christ, and so is the first of the “Messianic Psalms,” or a psalm of the coming Messiah.

It may have been when nations around Israel which were conspiring against Israel, thought it a good time to rebel at the coronation of an incoming king. It certainly describes the coming day when the nations of earth come against Israel, and when they see the sign of the Lord in the heavens and will direct their “rage” against Him. They will be totally defeated. In the past it was probably considered an opportune time for discontented people to join together in rebellion, seeking greater freedom from those in authority over them.

But everybody serves somebody or something. In the nature of things, we are bound by divinely imposed and appointed limitations in order to avoid chaos and disintegration. The fish in the sea are bound by water in order to survive. Animals are bound by their need of air and food, and so spend all their time in certain locations on earth that is suited to their nature and created disposition. Human beings have been given far greater scope than other created creatures. We have unusual capacities that enable people to devise ways of survival in space in under the water temporarily. People need to take oxygen and food with them to maintain life for a short time. Nations are bound by laws that govern behavior so people can live in order and peace.

When these moral laws and the restraint they impose on human beings are followed and obeyed, they truly work, and peace and contentment are real. When they are diminished or removed, the conduct of society changes rapidly and whole societies go into such a state of disorder that they cannot long survive. This is happening now in many western countries where tolerance and acceptance of evil and an immoral lifestyle has undermined the stable conduct of life that once allowed those nations to be great and blessed. Now that has changed, and nations whose laws were once based on the commandments of God have become disorganized and so dysfunctional, people are rioting and protesting without any legitimate reason. Even those who are supposed to govern the nations are paralyzed into a standstill.

How does all of this deviance affect God? He laughs! He has them “in derision!” How will it affect us? God has set boundaries to nations as to how far they can go, and limits to the power mankind can control. When he chooses, He will bring all of this to a full stop. He has a King of His choosing who will deal with the wrong and establish what is right. The opposition of humans against God is allowed to continue for some purpose known only to Him. We are not usually aware of our limitations until we have been allowed to go as far as we can. Then we realize we are failures in ourselves. We do that occasionally with our children to teach them their limitations. Then they know who to turn to for the help they need.

When the Lord God sets the King on His holy hill, all the perversions that have been allowed in the name of “freedom” will be exposed for what they really are – chains of bondage. They do not now, nor ever will, bring the liberty and independence people think will come from going their own way, like straying sheep. Any power nations have, and any authority given to those who lead nations, assemblies of God’s people and families, comes because God has delegated headship in these areas of human life. He does that to preserve the safety of nations by national leaders. By delegating authority to elders of assemblies, He guides and controls the spiritual life and development of God’s people. Fathers in the homes are those to whom God has delegated responsibility to direct the development of emotional and “soulish” life in the children. Absentee fathers today are one of the reasons so much of the younger society is out of control presently.

The Son of God is the One who will establish the order God intends to have on earth. Nations and national leaders will obey Him because they are His possessions and responsibility. He has established them and will rule them with “a rod of iron” that will break the arrogance of those who oppress and think they can defy divinely given laws. When people mocked the “King of the Jews” in the past, they put on Him a crown of thorns, a purple robe and a reed in His hand. All of that will change when the King, the Son rules in righteousness.

The only way to survive the righteousness and justice of the kingdom when Christ reigns, is for those who want to rebel to surrender and submit to the King, the Son. He is the chosen King of the nations and is the One who has the rights to the hearts and lives of human beings. We must submit to Him now or be lost when He comes.

There are a few simple responses that are available to each person now that are mentioned in this psalm.
“Ask of Me.” Go personally to the Lord and He can deliver us from all that opposes us and/or show us the mercy we need to go through the difficulty.
“Be wise.” Learn from the One who knows all things. Don’t think you are your own master of life and the future. “Our times are in His hands.”
“Serve the Lord.” He is the Supreme authority of the universe, and yet He allows us to serve Him with our heart, mind and soul.
“Kiss the Son.” Submit to the One who has all power in heaven and in earth. He is the One who is the final authority. Submit to Him, or perish in rebellion.

Psalm 2 – Seven things the Lord will do with His Enemies

1. Laugh at them.
2. Have them in derision.
3. Speak to them in wrath.
4. Vex them in sore displeasure (trouble them with His wrath).
5. Inherit the heathen, and possess the uttermost parts of the earth.
6. Break them in pieces with a rod of iron.
7. Dash them in pieces.

Man’s conspiracy against God is met by God’s decree that His Son shall have universal dominion.
v.4-6 The Father’s voice.
v.7-9 The Son’s voice.
v.10-12 The Spirit’s voice.

At the close of the Tribulation immediately prior to the return of the Lord in glory to reign, a federation of rulers and nations unite to prevent Christ from taking the reigns of government.
v.1-3 So the psalmist (David – Acts 4:25-26) asks, why do they think they can succeed in rebelling against the authority of God? Messianic psalms give prophetic descriptions of Jesus the Messiah, His life, death, resurrection and future reign. This psalm is mentioned in the New Testament in Acts 4:25-26; 13:33; Heb.1:5-6; 5:5; Rev.2:26-27; 12: 5; 19:15.
v.3. People inevitably serve someone or something. We are not free when we leave the Lord. Freedom comes from God who can set you free to be whole as He created you to be.
v.4. God will laugh at their insolence and mock at their boasts. God laughs at the confused thoughts of nations about power. Every nation is limited; God is all-powerful. He created the earth and knew all about nations before they came into being [Dan.2:26-45]. We do not need to fear the boasts of tyrants – they are in God’s hands.
v.5-6. God will break His silence; in His wrath and fury His enemies will be terrified. He will pronounce His irrevocable decision, “I have set (installed) My King upon —Zion.”
v.7. Christ will add His testimony that He had in a conversation with the Father.
v.8. Then the Father adds a promise of universal dominion to His Son. All the earth will submit to His authority.
v.9. God has given Christ the authority to deal with insubordination and rebellion.
v.10-11. The Holy Spirit speaks and urges kings and rulers to love and serve the Lord. To refuse Him means destruction; to trust Him is safety and happiness.
v.12. To disbelieve; to defy the Almighty is totally irrational. To “kiss the Son” means to surrender fully and submit to Him. Christ is God’s chosen King; He is also the rightful King of our hearts. To be ready for His coming, we must submit
to His leadership every day.

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