Psalm 1:2
His Delight

The things that delight the mind and heart of those that love God’s law,
Pass by unseen to those who live for only time and sense.
In that law with all its truth, there are fresh visions I can draw
For the meditations God gives me begin by giving Him first place.
In the law it begins with God Himself, apart from Him there is no other;
His every attribute from love to grace is complete to the fullest extent.
This part of law that brings delight, comes from loving God and one another;
And the real delight comes when to God’s own will, my will is truly bent.

The law of God is not limited to ten rules I cannot keep;
It extends to all the walk and work of this life in my control.
I have choices to make that further go to consequences I accept,
Each choice affects the course I go and influences life as a whole.
I am blessed when I walk this road of life with the counsel of godly men;
Who like the Blessed Man of Psalm 1 did please in every way,
His Father when on earth from birth to His death in Jerusalem;
God was honored and His kingdom grew by every word Christ did say.

The influence of a life thus lived is like a fruitful and green tree;
The fragrance of the life Christ lived, is a blessing to us still.
That same sweet scent and influence too, should be evidenced in me;
Other people looking on and judging, can know I truly want God’s will.
God enables us by His grace, to do what normally we’d not do;
Power is given from His great source to help us do what we know is right.
Such acts in daily living give meaning the ungodly never knew;
While we enjoy such fellowship and in God’s holy law delight.

“Father, to trace the life of the Lord Jesus is to plainly see He is the Blessed Man of Psalm 1. I too am finding delight in the law of the Lord as I read and meditate on the things contained in the scriptures of truth. “This is the way the Master went, should not the servant tread it still.’” In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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