Philippians 4:9
Learned-Received-Heard-Seen: Do

9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

The things that are true are genuine and real. We need to give ourselves to them rather than fantasies and wishful thinking. Honesty indicates reliability and a moral attractiveness that shows in our ministry toward others. When a person is just, they are fair to men and righteous before God. There are a number of “just” people mentioned in scripture, and the fact that they were just is the defining quality of their lives. A moral character that is lived consistently is that which is pure. Temptations will always be seeking to attract the flesh, but one who is pure in heart will “see God” even in the everyday things of life.

We read the words, perhaps knew all their meanings –
Can give an exegesis of their theme
It wasn’t just time spent in superficial gleanings –
Things were kept in order, the study was keen
All that learning is good, it keeps the mind active
But that is not the point of learning – not the objective
What I have learned; now I must practice
So truth is much more to me than just subjective.

Many times I have listened to well-taught men unfold
The scriptures of truth; and by them have been blessed
Some of what I received, to others I have told
That they can know all the good teaching they have missed
But the real point is, what I now know
I am responsible to make it a real part of my life
God who gave this to me, now expects me to show
Evidence in action, that I may be truly wise.

In many conversations and in various ways
I have heard God’s Word presented to me
It is easy to debate what a passage says
In an effort to define points with clarity
Beyond all these hours learning, receiving and hearing
Is a reason I dare not for any reason ignore
What God has shown me I am supposed to be sharing
By making charges from what I was before.

I have seen in faithful Christians, preachers and such
Reality lived out in the situations of life
They practiced what they knew and to me have given much
They didn’t just speak; but by walking in the light
I am taught by what they did when situations arose
To challenge their loyalty and their faith
They did what was right, and when they chose
I learned the value of acting with grace.

“Father, I know the Word of God is deeper than I can ever fathom. I want to continue learning – but I also want to be a real practitioner of what I know in a proper and consistent way. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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