Philippians 4:5
Your Moderation

5 Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

Joy comes when we realize we are in Christ and He is in us. Joy and holiness go together, and the peace of God is the result no matter what problems we might have. We have joy when the Lord is able to use us in His service and we are willing to do it. We have joy when the results of spiritual labor are seen. We have joy when we sense the presence of the Lord with us. We have joy when we think of the promise of His coming. Everything is known by Him and in every situation our Lord is involved. So, with consideration of others and a willingness to consider their judgment, we need to be willing to yield to their opinion without compromising what is right. Other people are positively affected when we are reasonable, fair and patient.

On every side there are temptations designed to make me covet
Advertising, the huckster’s voice, insist that I must have it
But in the Bible I read that God intends me to be content
With what I have, and if I need more, He will arrange to have it sent.

In talking with others our dialogue doesn’t have to be noisy and loud
A moderate voice of reason is best, not the demands of the proud
I should remember in every conversation, a Listener is there unseen
Who knows the objectives behind the words with knowledge infinitely keen.

When there is work to do, whether a calling or one task
Moderately pace oneself or your latent strength won’t last
And what you began you will be unable to finish –
Your credibility as a laborer will quickly diminish.

In public participation, both when you pray and preach
Don’t take too long verbalizing your point to reach
Multiplying words you may think imply you are wise
But the quiet snores of the audience soon pare you down to size.

When a stand has to be taken and there are different opinions
In moderation, side with God and stand against the minions
Of the tempter who races back and forth over the land
Seeking to thwart God’s purposes if they possibly can.

When your children reach an age when they have to choose
Be moderate in demands and guidance – there is too much to lose
If you take a hard line and their anger is mixed with fear
You are in danger of losing the respect of those you hold dear.

When I am conscious of the fact, the Lord is near at hand
It helps me in making decisions because I am only a man
Who has a tendency to self-will and needs to stop and consider
The value of moderation, lest the right consequence I hinder.

“I have made a lot of mistakes, Father. I confess them to Thee as sin and pray for a spirit of moderation and a certain flexibility that I might rejoice in reaching the objective of Thy will. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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