Philippians 4:4
Rejoice In The Lord

4 Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

There are times when help is needed to assist in the reconciliation of two who have differing opinions. A “yokefellow” is someone who we have worked with and know they have the ability to deal with the matter because of their experience. Shared labor often reveals the inner attitude of people and bonds those who share common goals. That inner attitude is not necessarily affected by the circumstances around us, but reveals a consciousness of the presence of the Lord in a situation. That carries one through, and above, the circumstances. So we must stand fast in the Lord in spite of all the pressures around us. We must stop fighting among the people of God so that the power of unity can be experienced. And we must stay focused on the Lord because He is near at hand in every situation and is affected by our attitude toward Him and other people.

I rise from my knees and there is peace
I rejoice in the Lord when I pray
We read the Bible together and commune
We find joy in what we say
That joy isn’t based on our humanity
We rejoice in the Lord’s ways in our life
The shared blessings we receive from Him each day
Give us joy as man and wife.

We come together with anticipation
As a gathered company we rejoice in the Lord
In our worship and our remembrance meeting
We rejoice as we hear His Word
In casual conversation or in time given to study
Our joy in the Lord we seek to maintain
When the Gospel is preached and souls are saved
Our joy in the Lord we cannot contain.

When with fellow-laborers in God’s field
We rejoice in what the Lord has done
Our gifts are different and our personalities
And still rejoice in the Lord as one
We know our labor is needed
But our rejoicing in the Lord is the key
Those who watch and listen to us
Form their opinions in the joy they see.

We live with our eyes on the heavens
Rejoicing in His promise to come
We work with our hands to labor
While rejoicing in thoughts of home
We wait with hearts of anticipation
Rejoicing in the Lord unseen
And when this is all over
We will rejoice in the Lord all over again.

“Father in heaven: for the blessings of life and hope; for the grace that saved and keeps; for the power to live and learn – I rejoice in the Lord today. Amen.”

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