Philippians 4:3
Fellow Laborers

3 And I intreat thee also, true yokefellow, help those women which laboured with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlabourers, whose names are in the book of life.

The role of women in an assembly is an essential one. As pray-ers they are usually faithful in their attendance and silent participation. There are many women missionaries in various parts of the work doing work for the Lord that men either cannot do or will not do. The teaching of young women by older women is a work that is uniquely theirs. But when their opinions affect all of the assembly, then the matter has to be dealt with no matter who they are. Two women had labored with Paul, but the problem between them was such that they had to have help in being reconciled to each other. When a problem persists it has an effect on all, and there has to be a “yieldingness” on the part of all who are involved.

I wonder what is in that book besides the names of saints –
Would in that book or one like it be what we were for or against?
The faithful laborers for the Lord through generations past
Have left their imprint on kingdom-history in deeds that really last.

There is labor involved in the Gospel, not only in factory or farm
Some Gospel labor has been encouraging, other times has brought much harm
To life and limb of those who went forth the message to proclaim
Brothers and sisters labored then and now, reaching souls in Jesus’ name.

To the best of their ability, those laborers work the fields
Sometimes there is a good harvest; other times little yield
But the true laborers keep at the work knowing they’re called by the Lord
They labor for the glory of God, not for personal reward.

For over half a century I have labored with some great men
Their names are now forgotten by most, they were well known back then
They were those God had chosen to suit their generation
Laboring for the Lord, they made serving Him their occupation.

Then there were those of my own age, we tried reaching to fields beyond
We had golden opportunities, now most of them are gone
The few of us who are left are more suited by our age
To shepherd the sheep and lambs, we’re not given to easy change.

There are younger laborers God is raising up today
They are more suited to their generation – they know what to say
For even the ways of expressing truth has to adapt to present youth
The methods may change a bit, but never the Gospel truth.

As fellow-laborers with this group we want to try to help
Them in their work doing what we can’t do ourselves
When they see results, either here or in other nations
We can rejoice as fellow-laborers in the triumphs of salvation.

“O God who answers prayers: give those laboring in Central America, Africa and here in North America, the power to fulfill their calling. Give me the wisdom to know when to encourage and contact them, and when to mind my own business. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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