Philippians 4:20
Glory For Ever And Ever

20 Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Love and devotion are still expressed in gifts. Our thank-offerings to God are our response to the gifts God has given to us. This is called “fruit” because it has the taste and scent of gratitude, and the blessings associated with it. We give to God from that which He has given to us. Working for God and the work of God are different. Working for God is our effort that we expend for Him. The work of God is that which God does through us drawing from His great bounty to accomplish His work. It is not so much what I do that counts but what God does through me. God meets the needs of both the giver and receivers. Our giving has to do with the supply, “according to His riches” rather that the act of giving.

It bursts forth with thoughts seeking expression
Words don’t sufficiently describe the thoughts
All that is left by means of inner release
Are the tone of voice, the use of hands and face.

How can glory be expressed by simple mortal men
We are limited, but maybe the limitations are best
God knows our thoughts, even the hidden intentions
Before they are articulated in our minds.

And when these thoughts are finally released in words
I find they fail to say what needs to be said –
More – yearns to be said, so I pause –
And find one all-encompassing word – “Glory!”

Angels said it long before me, “Glory to God in the highest!”
Peter, James and John were eyewitnesses of Christ’s glory
Paul saw things unlawful to utter when he was there
And as for me, well, I have seen glimpses too.

A friend, leaving for heaven, opens wide pain-filled eyes
Sits upright and lies back down with peaceful face
And is at home with God – in glory
Even there, as at journey’s end for many – evidence of glory.

Even from me now, here, in this place
Reflecting on God’s faithful provision – I say “Glory!”
Thinking of God’s faithful people, living by faith –
Giving by grace – and the word that expresses it is, “Glory!”

Glory to God my Father for His great provision
Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ for His great salvation
Glory to the Holy Spirit for His great motivation
Glory be to God forevermore is my occupation.

“O Glorious God, my inner soul sings to Thee as I consider all the reasons for Thee to be honored, and all the ways Thou hast blessed me. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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