Philippians 4:19
God Shall Supply

19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

There is a tendency on the part of most people to hoard money because it is the main way adults measure security. We also measure our energy by how much we earn, and have a sense of self-worth because of the money we claim for ourselves. To give money away with no visible evidence of return on the investment, puts us at risk we seem to think. That is because we measure its value by the world’s standards. The Philippians had learned the value of giving to God by giving to His servant in their early days as Christians, and they continues the practice. This was a tangible expression of their love for the servant of the Lord who brought them the Gospel. This letter from Paul must have blessed them when they heard it read. Both the giver and receiver are blessed when we give what we have to the Lord.

They need comfort – assurance that God is doing what is best
God gave the life at the beginning – maybe this is a test
Of faith, preparing them for coming times ahead
That they can face the unknown without fear or dread
But in quiet confidence and a spirit of rest that is real
They can go through experiences knowing a loving God can wound or heal
Physically and spiritually that we might better be prepared
For the ministry He gave us and all that must be shared.

We know the seed planted gets its life from God alone
And because of a new life, new expectations will come
I must also remember what God gives, He can take away
And in doing so I learn the need for grace every day
How would I know of His full supply for my grief
If it wasn’t that He allows great loss, be it ever so brief
The benefit that comes may be for others through me
That they in their confusion the value of faith will see.

God has supplied temporal needs when we were at a loss
Through His grace He supplied redemption at highest cost
He has felt pain and suffering greater than we can imagine
So that He could identify with the grief of His suffering brethren
He knows what is needed and just how, when and where
To come alongside us that our burdens He will bear
It is hard to let go and let God take full control
But when one does that, they will find rest unto their soul.

There are times when private tears come down like falling rain
And God calls us to pass through private grief and pain
But He has His reasons and calls me to draw nigh
And I will find then solace, in His bountiful supply
I may spend time wondering what might or might not have been
But it is better to look ahead in faith, trusting only Him
Who supplies every need I have on earth and in heaven
And gives the grace needed now, and will explain the reasons then.

“Father God of all comfort: please comfort my brother and sister right now. They are going through a hard time and are finding it hard to cope with life and death at the same time. Help them to bless Thee when Thou dost give and when Thou dost take away. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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