Philippians 4:16
Once And Again

16 For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity.

Need has a fashion of not going away
It is sure to come back again
Some things are needed every day
Other things now and then
To place one’s self in another man’s shoes
Is fellowship of the highest kind
The welfare of others I don’t want to lose
Prayer keeps them close in my mind.

At the beginning of a new work for God
Many people step up to share
They appreciate the spread of the Word
For the needs of the laborers they care
But often their interest gradually fades away
As the first glorious days are passed
The laborer who stays there day after day
Still have expenses that last.

Like these people of old who did not forget
It is our privilege to communicate again
The Gospel work is like fishing, people caught in its net
Need hard work to get safely to land
To plant a new church is just the beginning
The teaching goes on throughout life
New believers are often best at soul-winning
Older ones pass on to others God’s light.

My brothers and sisters need the assurance
They are not quickly forgotten
Those who support with their goods need endurance
To faithfully and wisely support them
When accounts are given at the judgment seat
The laborers and supporters together
Will each give account when the Savior they meet
And the fruit of their labor is gathered..

“All-knowing God, there are some I know who have been in the harvest field for a number of years. I wonder if they are being supported as well as they should be. Give us wisdom to know what to send to help them. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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