Philippians 4:15
The Early Days

15 Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only.

God’s promises and power enables us to be content when we lack, and grateful when He supplies our needs through the financial support of His people. He supplies or withholds as He sees best. Paul didn’t complain about shortages or even make them known. What God gives us is up to Him. We can be content when the desire for riches is gone. If our stomach is empty, our wallet is empty and our pantry is empty, we still look to our heavenly Father and trust Him to give or not give as He sees fit. Whether full or empty, when we see things from God’s view, we will know that God’s will is best.

I have experienced in times past, what some are going through now
The blessedness of giving and receiving gifts from others
The fellowship expressed and the Christian love that showed
Endeared to us many sisters and brothers
Some supplied some meat when we needed something to eat
Others came and asked how they could help
Now many years have passed but when we meet and greet
Our conversation turns to when we had empty shelves.

In the years that passed we have memories that last
Of the way God provided when we were poor
Those days were days of faith, and I’ve afraid that may have past
As prosperity has come, we have less to endure
As material things increase, our prayers for survival cease
We become more dependent on our money
In early days of need, we had our trust in God – and peace
There’s a tendency to want more – then we hadn’t any.

Lord, help me to remember the early days when embers
Broke into a flame poverty could not put out
If I can be trusted with the Gospel now that I am older
Please stir again that fire that years have doused
Open my heart wide and bring out what is inside
That I might have ready words of life from Thee to speak
I am still wanting to be fruitful and in the Vine abide
While the blessings for others will I continually seek.

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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