Philippians 4:13
Power For Living

13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Paul was a pattern and example of one who lived by the power of God. He was at peace even though he was in prison because he knew the God of peace was there with him. The believers at Philippi were near and dear to him and he wanted the same for them that he was experiencing himself. Hearing the word of God is a good thing. Reading the word of God is a good thing, and seeing it lived out in others is good also. But what we know has to be obeyed and practiced. That is a ministry which shows. Also when we experience that power for living at peace, we learn to be content in all circumstances of life.

Whatever life brings, God has supplied the strength to meet its demands
In His infinite wisdom He knows exactly what I can’t do or can
I am assured His power is there to meet the needs that arise
He patterned my life to suit my abilities which challenges me to be wise.

I know I can’t do everything so what does it mean to “do all things?”
Christ’s sufficiency is continually there to accomplish what His will brings
He does not need me to have superhuman ability to live my life for Him
His interests should be mine and He gives strength to suitably accomplish them.

To raise my children and properly influence theirs is a serious task to me
They need to know what is right and wrong, they should be able to see
In my life, even facial expressions and hear the words I say –
That life in Christ is not impossible; in Him I have joy each day.

Living before others where temptations abound is where we are put to the test
To show by our commitment to God and His Word, the Christian life is best
Most of them are looking for some meaning in life, caught up in materialism
God gives the strength to live by faith and show them the way to heaven.

When health deteriorates and old age takes natural strength away
Christ’s strength is there to cheer the soul and face each coming day
His strength doesn’t promise I’ll never have pain and will never physically die
But His strength does give the needed grace as the end of life draws nigh.

For the need within me or the challenges without – Christ gives the endurance
To meet each thing that comes along and face them with calm assurance
That His grace is sufficient and His strength is here to fulfill His will
And though things seem hard; maybe sometimes too easy; His strength will be with me still.

“When things seen too easy, Father, I think maybe I am yielding to some temptation I have overlooked. When things are hard, I am prone to put the blame on others or even the devil – forgetting the strength of Christ is there to accomplish Thy will. I pray I will be conscious of Thy presence at all times to do all things. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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