Philippians 4:11
Be Content

11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Something that is lovely is admirable and attractive to a pure-hearted person as well as secretly admired by those whose conduct is the opposite. There is convicting power in that which is lovely. A reputation for fairness and goodness is not something to be considered unimportant. What people say about a believer affects more than just one person. Virtue is moral excellence that is not willing to be compromised in any way. Virtue is either there or not there. There is no middle ground possible for virtue. Praise is deserved commendation usually associated with an action. In the case of praising the Lord it includes who He is in His moral perfection as well as what He does. For frail mortal men, there is nothing in us that is praiseworthy but there can be praise given as a result of what God does through us.

This is not always easy when we depend on circumstances
We have picked up the idea, “more” our life enhances
All around us advertising prompts us to be discontent
Making us without caution until all we have is spent.

Did you have something to eat when starting out today?
Do you think God heard you when you knelt to pray?
Did you get some rest when you lay down to sleep?
Do you appreciate all that God allows you to have and keep?

Take some time to settle down and your many blessings count
Don’t ever be recognized by the things you complain about
A contented person has a lot of influence on those around
Opportunities for blessing others, to a contented one abound.

Rest your head and quietly consider all the things you have
With words and thoughts, tell God, you’re grateful for what He gave
Then let all those of your family and other folks you know
See you are truly contented; your smile is not for show.

Rich or poor, old or young, in sickness or in health
In every situation contentment does not depend on wealth
But in a person’s mind contentment finds its birth
Godliness with contentment is of highest worth.

“I think I am truly contented, Father. Thou hast placed at our disposal all we need. Both Linda and I are in good health. But beyond this, we have had times when things were very different. And yet, through them, we were able to rest confidently in Thee. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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