Philippians 3:6
Righteousness Based On The Law

6 Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless.

All of these religious things would have exalted him before man and even in his own mind, until he had the mind of Christ. Now he had the right perspective when he compared himself with his Lord. Everything he had and all he attained was loss when he had the mind of Christ. Things of the past need to be forgotten and we can now find our joy in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a good thing for me to ask myself, “What am I willing to change in my life for Christ’s sake? What am I honestly willing to lose in order to be like Him and serve Him wholeheartedly?”

It stands unchanging – carved in stone
Inflexible, hard and cold – demanding
Perfect in holiness – exacting in righteousness
A standard of absolute perfection – unattainable

Emotionless, unswerving – universal
A teacher with a stick – unmovable
A scale with weights – incomparable
A standard far higher than mortal men – unreachable

The phylacteries are in place – obviously
The alms are given – dutifully
The prayers are heard – publicly
The dress code is adhered to – perfectly

One’s heart is focused – in anxiety
The ears are opened – to petty instructions
No smile of contentment upon the lips
That would be sacrilege

Days are kept track of carefully
The number of steps taken religiously
Food intake observed under scrutiny
Always trying to measure ones self outwardly

Anger directed to those who rejoice
Criticism of those who live in love
Organized against changes that reach the heart
Determined opposition to biblical commitment

Always afraid inside, that something is undone
Always conscious of the persecution of others
Covering fear with strict rules and demands
Striving for perfection and righteousness unattainable

“I thank Thee, O Righteous God, for grace that is greater than all my sin. What relief, what joy, what peace I have in Thee. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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