Philippians 3:3
Who We Are

3 For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh.

In the Christian life, faith is what counts, not our works. Faith is our response to God’s grace and this is the same in all true children of God. We have nothing to boast of in ourselves, only in God’s grace. The Judaizers thought to add their traditions to the work of Christ which would negate the value of the sacrifice He made. That would imply that what the Lord Jesus Christ went through on our behalf was not enough to meet our need. Anything that people seek to add to the cross-work is not only valueless, but an insulting response to the complete redemption price paid when He gave His life as a ransom for us. Our position is that of the true circumcision of the heart, not of a fleshly circumcision. The cutting off of the evil heart took place when God saved us by His grace alone. So we are the true circumcision of which the physical was a type. What we do is worship God in the Spirit when we have the mind of Christ. Also we find our cause of rejoicing is our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. What we don’t have is confidence in the flesh.

Peculiar, yet not unusual in the usual sense –
A cut above, yet normal in that there is no pretense –
Different, yet the same in the visible way –
Out of it, yet in, because they know what to say –
They are separate.

Walking with us, yet in a way they walk alone –
Talking with us, but conscious of their voice’s tone –
Living with us, but careful of the way they live –
Sharing with us, but wanting more to give –
They are different.

Worshipers, but not only in the church –
Pray-ers, but not only in the lurch –
Singers, not only when others do it –
Helpers, sharing other peoples’ hurt –
They are confident.

They are confident, but not in themselves –
They are rejoicing in Christ, who came Himself –
They are worshiping God, not worshiping self –
They are using their gift, not leaving it on the shelf –
They are called.

Eternity is in their hearts, they live in its’ light –
Christ is preeminent, He is their life –
God is their Father, He knows what’s right –
The Spirit is their Guide, in every plight –
They are His.

When people are in need, they are usually there –
When a load is heavy, they the burdens share –
When the grief is heavy, they really care –
When the loneliness is real, they want to know how you fare –
They come alongside.

In all of these ways, and in many more –
The new nature shows, what we are here for –
We worship God, who knew us before –
We rejoice in Christ, who our iniquities bore –
They are redeemed.

When we were born again, we began life anew –
When indwelt by the Spirit, by His power we grew –
When given a new nature, God’s life we show –
When obeying His Word, we His will do know –
They belong to God.

“O gracious God, who has called out from the world a people for Thyself: I am thankful for my brothers and sisters who are living for Thee and working for Thee in so many different walks of life. God’s people never cease to amaze me in their versatility. Housewives seem to know how to reach neighbors; builders are reaching their men; young people are reaching their peers. I pray that their faith will not fail. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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