Philippians 3:21
Power Under His Control

21 Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.

It seems to let us down at times because of sin’s awful curse
As it ages and matures it gradually is getting worse and worse
But this body of humiliation is going to have a change
By the power of Christ, at His coming, mine and His will be the same.

Weakness and decay will cease and be replaced
The marks and scars caused by sin, no more will me deface
Food we eat and what we drink won’t be needed for survival
And there won’t need to be fasting days when praying for revival.

The unlimited power of our Lord is under His control
He uses it as He chooses, to send an earthquake or save a soul
There certainly are good reasons of which I am not aware
When the Lord Jesus uses that power, it is because He cares.

To make something new that has been dying for nearly a century
Takes power that is beyond understanding and man’s ability
Skin that is wrinkled and worn will take on a heavenly glow
The aging process that bends bodies down, will no longer show.

The heart and organs unseen that are needed to keep me alive
Will be no longer essential so I can still survive
The deterioration of the brain and loss of memory
Will be a thing of the past when His glorious body I see.
I really can’t fully perceive all that such power entails
But I can catch a glimpse of it when a boat is under sail
Or when the lightning flashes and thunder makes its roar
The silence of the growth of life – all those reveal His power.

With a sense of anticipation I am looking for that day
When such a change takes place instantly – with no delay
And the power of God I first recognized the night He saved me
Will again be used and this body of mine is changed eternally.

“Is this the day, Father? I wait and wonder each day if this body will be changed today. It seems to need more attention as time passes. I do not want to be too concerned about it, but I understand it is Thine – and I am its steward. Amen.”

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