Philippians 3:20

20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

One time this world was the extent of all my hopes and dreams
But because of the Gospel message, I learned this is not what it seems
Underneath all the natural beauty there is the pollution of sinful man
Until God acts in judgment of nations it won’t be what He originally planned.

When by His grace He saved, and made a new creation out of me
I then understood I belong to heaven, a country I someday will see
The new birth made me a citizen of the kingdom of the God of love
I am a citizen now, even though on earth, but home is in heaven above.

That is why I don’t fit very well in all the “goings on” of the world
The very best that man can do is by the world’s system imperiled
Almost all humankind has done is for the selfish interests of his own
Not even the religions of this earth are so the glory of God be shown.

The music may be very beautiful but its objective is to entertain
If it wasn’t loud and up to date, most people wouldn’t even come in
The lyrics are light and trivial and congregations just sit and listen
Occasionally someone there, when hearing Christ’s name, a tear will glisten.

Business for most is for material gain, but for the citizens of heaven
They are seeking to lay up treasure there that glory to God will be given
The labor of life has a goal to reach to further the kingdom of God
So the good news of salvation by grace will reach all around the world.

What delights the heart of the heavenly citizen are things that honor Christ
He returns to the Lord’s Supper weekly, not just yearly once or twice
The joy of worship comes from within and shows itself without
The blessedness of life in Christ is consistent, he doesn’t have to faint or shout.

On the day he became a citizen, the Holy Spirit dwelt within
The citizen of heaven finds a meaningful life through guidance given by Him
The Lord Jesus Christ is our Savior, and we are looking for Him from heaven
While here in this and land we wait for Him; that promise He has given.

“Father in heaven, I am waiting for that wonderful day when all of us who belong in heaven, finally get there. The citizenship You gave on the day of salvation has made me a stranger to most in this world. May I bear my identity with dignity and not fear to show my allegiance. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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