Philippians 3:2

2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

A review of the basics is never out of order because we are influenced to a degree, by those things and people around us whether we realize it or not. There were Judaizers who came to Philippi urging the new believers to keep the traditions and practices of the Jewish religion. Some people inadvertently mislead others and there are others who deliberately seek to mislead the Lord’s people. In this case they were called “dogs” referring to their character, “evil” as to their conduct, and with a touch of sarcasm, Paul uses a take-off to the word “circumcision” by writing the word “concision” as to their creed. These are examples of those whom we are to avoid.

They really are opposed to the preaching of the Gospel
They antagonizingly resist faith – often face to face
Insisting you must do the best that you can
And can only hope for the best when life is done.

They have got Christianity backwards thinking what they do
Earns favor with God – salvation is up to you.
Some even go so far as to mutilate their flesh
Thinking this will show God they are doing their best.

Watch out for those who with guile oppose
Be careful when you hear among you are those
Who with strong opinions want to impose mans’ laws –
They are not true believers who promote their own cause.

Beware of those who try to add anything to the work of the cross
Those who do so probably are strangers to grace and to God.
Take care to compare what they say with God’s Word –
He is not a believer who denies the finished work of the Lord.

Go back to the scriptures when conflicts arise.
Don’t allow smooth talkers to catch you by surprise.
Be alert, and beware of those who add to God’s work of grace.
Press ahead and promote truth – you’ll experience the victory
of faith.

“Holy God, I thank Thee for the righteousness imparted by Thee through faith alone. Thy grace is so sufficient. I know any things that people try to add to such a work must be an insult to Thee. Be merciful to these sinners and save them. By Thy Spirit, lead them to genuine repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Amen.”

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