Philippians 3:18
Be Warned

18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

This is our training time. Here we are able to suffer for Christ and with Him. When He comes this privilege of suffering for His sake will be passed. We are to live what we teach the same as Paul did. The enemies of the cross don’t mind religion, religious things, religious songs or even the Gospel as much as the reproach of the cross. They mind “earthly things” that are popular with the majority. Even evangelical Christianity has become popular as long as people “feel comfortable” and “are excited” about what is happening. The cross means death to the world. The cross does not allow for self-indulgence and comfortable living. The cross trims everything down to the basics that contrast what is false and true, light and dark, heavenly and earthly.

They come in many different ways
And have many different reasons
Their animosity is not always recognized
It doesn’t follow any particular seasons
It seems to be that wherever God
Or His Word is given honorable mention
Immediately they show their colors
And they give God their full attention.

But attention is not given in a positive way
It soon becomes easy to see
They are against whatever we say
Not trying to cover their animosity
“Where was God when my mother was sick?
If there is a God why did she suffer so?”
Or, “Why are there wars and hungry people?
If there’s a God where did He choose to go?”

Enemies of the cross of Christ
May also be people of religion
They don’t like the thought of grace alone
Being the only way of salvation
They want their sin-polluted personal acts
To be added to God’s saving grace
And to find out “works” are like filthy raga
Disturbs their sense of false peace.

Rather than being humbled and grateful
The enemies of the cross unite
Instead of welcoming the Gospel of grace
They join together to fight
Against the truth of God and light
They deny and oppose until
The message of salvation by grace is silenced
Or until they are lost in hell.

We may weep over their souls like the apostle did
Our words we may think are in vain
But we must remember it is God who saves
The Holy Spirit makes them born again
The best way to help such people
Is to continually preach and pray
Perhaps God will allow an event to come
So they will listen to what we say.

“Righteous, Holy God: I mention here before Thee the neighbors around whose opposition isn’t open but is seen in their silent avoidance of us. If there is some way I can reach them for Thee, please give me an opportunity. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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