Philippians 3:16
Live Up To What You Know

16 Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.

Mature believers are not deceived into seeking sinless perfection but rather moral maturity. Sinless perfection is in our future, not at present. Moral maturity is for the present and demands that we discipline ourselves. Maturity in Christ involves us acting on what we know as the Holy Spirit guides us. We do not have to spend our lives looking for some new doctrine or searching for the truth that has already been revealed to us. We need to live up to the light we have and not just mark time. Perfection in growth is what is needed and is possible as we keep the one supreme Object before us. Spiritual “fathers” know “Him that is from the beginning.” Mature believers are willing to pay any cost in response to the desire of God for them because they “know Him,” love Him and appreciate Him. Truth has its demands and God reveals His truth to those who are willing to follow it. We are able to walk together with saints as far as possible trusting God to reveal what we need to learn and do. That orderly walk can be maintained when we obey the “same rule” and “mind (obey) the same thing.”

I know the results of sin – therefore sin not
I know the price the Lord paid – therefore forget not
I know repentance must be real – therefore pretend not
I know one must turn to Christ alone – therefore linger not

I know grace has provided salvation – therefore work not
I know faith in Christ works – therefore fear not
I know the Spirit of God guides – therefore wait not
I know the Word of God is true – therefore doubt not

I know Christ is the Light – I now can see
I know Christ is the only Way to heaven for me
I know He is the Truth so I can see
I know He is the Life now and eternally

I know God saved me for a purpose – so I live for Him
I know this world is doomed – until He reigns
I know the devil attacks and tempts – I must not sin
I know the flesh is deceptive – so never give in

I know the Spirit indwells and gives me power
I know the Father hears me at any hour
I know the Son is in our midst when we gather
I know the Godhead is One and works together

I know my life is hid in Christ – so I must use it
I know God gives gifts – so I dare not abuse it
I know my soul is saved – so I can not lose it
I know God’s will is right – so I must choose it

There are lots of things I’ve learned, some I have practiced
It’s not enough to say I’m a Christian, I must act it
By God’s grace I want to live up to what I know
If I do that maybe more of Christ to others I can show

“For over 60 years Father, I have been learning from Thee the ways of righteousness. Yet it seems I have so little to show for it. Please don’t give up on me now. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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