Philippians 3:15
Progress In Spiritual Growth

15 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

We need to direct our energy into things that count for eternity and God’s glory. We need to exercise ourselves “unto godliness” lest the excess baggage of earthly things hinder our progress. We need to persevere in our journey toward the goal in spite of difficulties, setbacks or even stumbling or falling. If that happens, we need to get up again and run the race again.

As time goes by there are always changes
When the Spirit of God has His way
Things we did wrong, now we don’t do them
There are differences in what we do and say
It is interesting to note that in spiritual growth
We take on similar characteristics
As other brothers and sisters in the family of God
We’re more Christ-like, not odd religious mystics.

When one speaks of the Lord, the others respond
With similar thoughts of His love and grace
If the subject is life, or of this darkening world of strife
Each offers encouraging words based on faith
Prophetic words of truth are of highest worth
When fear of coming conflict and death are voiced
The scriptures are discussed and there’s a strengthening of trust
And we are conscious of our own spiritual growth.

The Bible is the key to spiritual progress
Its truths are our counsel and guide
The Spirit of God teaches and our mind reaches
For the light of understanding deep inside
When the meaning is finally grasped, the effect lasts
Though the world of men around, think it’s a joke
With true believers I find we are of the same mind
Along with them, I have chosen the Savior’s yoke.

When that is a conscious act; growth becomes a fact
We learn from Christ Himself the way we are to be
Effective in our living; generous in our giving
A meek and humble mind other folks can see
When I give attention and often choose to mention
The work of God and the real Christian’s hope
Others perhaps will find when we have one mind
We are maturing; there is obvious spiritual growth.

“I am seeking to learn, Father, ways that I can encourage other believers in the things of God. May I be mature enough myself to be able to influence them in the ways of Thy choosing, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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