Philippians 3:13
Don’t Dwell On The Past

13 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

There is an underlying sense of dissatisfaction with his past as he presses ahead like a runner striving to reach the goal. Paul’s goal was to know Christ intimately, to be like Christ personally, to be all that Christ wanted him to be practically. He had a single mind toward this goal. As far as we are concerned, the past has passed and let us leave it there. Looking back may only discourage us and make us ashamed of what we did or did not do. We need to concentrate on the present and our present and personal relationship with God, not the past and our guilt. Faith and obedience now lead to a full and abundant life. Devotion to Christ instead of dissatisfaction will keep us going in the right direction.

We won’t lose all memory of things done in the past
Don’t dwell there, just leave them behind
What has been done, is done, that’s a burden to cast
On Him so that His rest we can find.

Now, we are to look ahead where there is a yoke to bear
And our Master who says, “Learn of Me” –
Calls us to stretch forth our arms right where we are
We have been “apprehended” for this work we can see.

Effort is needed to fulfill this call
This is not a time to look backward and quit
Gratefully we trust Him who knows every fall
And realize He wants us to get on with it.

The day is still light, there is work in the field
A harvest is ripe; there are souls that are waiting
For laborers to move out and bring what it yields
Into a place of usefulness without hesitating.

Before the sun goes down and darkness descends
Reach forward to what God has called you to
He knows who you are; who did apprehend
You and sent you out to do what you do.

Backward looks stop forward progress
And time still doesn’t stop for any man
Apply yourself; give the work your best
You’ve been apprehended, now do for Him what you can.

“Gracious Father, I find joy in knowing Thou art aware of every aspect of my life and hast enabled me to serve Thee. Thanks for taking me for Thyself in spite of my weakness and inabilities. I know there are many who are more able. Make me a blessing to others in some way, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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