Philippians 2:7
Personal Choices

7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:

As a man there was no limit to the sufferings the Lord Jesus Christ endured. There was no limit to the insults against Him that He silently accepted. There was no limit as to how much he was willing to bear that we might be saved. This same attitude should be in us. The death of the cross was uniquely His. The life that each of us lives is uniquely ours and can have as its objective that to which mind directs us. We can live for self or others. We can serve God or be self-serving. There was no limit on how much the Lord was willing to set aside that He might forgive us. If we set limits on our willingness to forgive, that will effectively stop our joy. The death of the cross involves much more that we can understand. God’s righteous demands had to be satisfied. Sin had to be removed in order for us to be justified. Satan and death had to be defeated. All these things and more were accomplished by the Lord. His sacrifice saved us.

There was a glory uniquely His, He chose to lay aside.
Veiled instead the Savior came, in humility, not pride.
He who angels bowed before was here as lowly man,
Not forced upon Him, nor unwanted; part of an eternal plan.

To have His mind in me like this means I must also choose
To set aside great ambitions that I in turn might lose
My life for self; instead live my life for Him.
Those He has chosen need to know His care for them.

The nature of a servant is to be submissive to another.
The Lord Jesus when He came did the will of God the Father.
Through years of submissive service, He was obedient;
Doing humbly the will of God, as man, though He was deity.

It is important for me to remember I’m a servant too.
To have the mind of Christ in me, leads me to want to do
Whatever my Lord indicates in thought and word and deed.
It is my calling as a servant to the Master’s will give heed.

The Lord Jesus chose when He was here to be a normal man.
When traveling long miles while moving about the land
He submitted Himself to the restrictions of humanity
That I might know that He was willing to be a man like me.

Humanity is not my choice, it is what I really am.
I should always keep in mind He was God’s chosen Lamb.
For His own reason God chose me to make me like His Son.
As He is now, I’ll be like then, when my life’s work here is done.

“O God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ: thank You for sending Him here as a humble, holy, perfect Man. There is no question that in every way He pleased Thee as a man. I would like to please Thee too and fulfill the work I have been given to do. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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