Philippians 2:5
This Mind

5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

The steps Christ took in His humility are given so that we will do the same things. There was love in Him, and harmony and unity with the Father. He always existed with the Father and was always equal because He is God Himself. Even so, He became a real human being that He might be the Savior of the world. He didn’t just appear to be a man, He was a man. He became that so He could identify Himself with us as one of our own kind, and voluntarily take the consequences of our sin upon Himself. He could, and did, empathize with our situation and stepped in to do what was necessary to reconcile us to God. To esteem others better than ourselves is not natural to us. But when we have the mind of Christ, this can be done. He didn’t set aside any part of His character or person to do this. He veiled His inherent glory so He could live among people like us.

To be a man to most of us is to get to a higher place.
We do not consider humility our path in life to trace.
Oh, there may be some times when it pays to take a lower seat –
But usually we want to be known for accomplishing a great feat.

The radically different mind of Christ is a beacon of bright light,
To those who follow Him but often don’t think things right.
Though He was high yet He was willing to think like a man –
Apart from sin so we may know how He thought, so we can.

Mind and attitude go together, what one does the other follows.
When mind is high then attitude is too in all he does allow.
If attitude is haughty, then mind begins to think it’s true.
And both together form the pattern of what I think and do.

So I need an example as to how thing ought to be.
Christ Jesus is the only one who models this to me.
His attitude and mind were joined and worked the same.
There never was in His life here a cause for any blame.

I want this mind and attitude to claim a hold on me.
I pray there would be something Christ-like that other folks can see.
I realize this only can happen if I will think like Him.
When I read the scriptures, I must pay good heed to them.

“My mind wanders Father. Far too often I am thinking a whole lot of different thoughts at one time. I have learned this lesson though, that “perfect peace” does come when my mind is “stayed on Thee.” That is why this time with Thee is so important to me. Amen.”

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