Philippians 2:22
As A Son With A Father

22 But ye know the proof of him, that, as a son with the father, he hath served with me in the gospel.

Two men are given as examples of this concern, and how it is to be seen in us today can be learned by their example. Both of these men, Timotheus and Epaphroditus, had unselfish care for the saints. This is also a choice we make – to know people and their problems involves us in a whole other responsibility than our own interests. In the lives of those who are concerned with themselves only there is self-occupation, the display of self, self-pity, self-centeredness, selfish motivations and self-serving. These things are foreign to the mind of Christ. I have to consider personally, “Is my priority in life my private interests, or the interests of others?”

These two men Paul used as examples were both quiet unassuming men who didn’t live for public acclaim. An evangelist and a teacher who have a public ministry will hopefully be those God uses for His glory, and they know the answers to mans’ need. Not very often do they know the problems that each person in the assembly has. In assembly life we need people like Timotheus and Epaphroditus who can get to the root of the problem because they sincerely care for the people of God and the people know this to be true. Timothy was like Paul in this way because he had been to Philippi and knew the people. He had been saved through Paul’s efforts in the Gospel and had been trained, encouraged and mentored by Paul.

A young man looks and sees an older man of true faith.
And older man looks and sees a young man with grace.
As they watch each other – maybe even surreptitiously
There is a drawing together of mutual harmony.

The young man listens and learns when the older one speaks.
The older man takes time to hear what the younger one seeks.
As they listen to each other – both to, and beyond the words.
They find both are seeking, not his own will but the Lord’s.

The young man observes as the older man takes the lead.
The older man gives opportunities for the younger one to heed.
They participate together in the work God placed in their hands.
And the younger man observes the skill of the older man.

The younger man has questions in their private conversations.
The older man is pleased with the younger man’s observations.
They learn to talk freely as in the service of God they share.
The older man sees the younger man has the same earnest care.

This principle continues down through all generations.
As a son learns from his father how to handle life’s situations,
So when two who work together, the younger learns from the older –
How to bear the yoke in his youth and the heavy burdens shoulder.

“Father, I review my life and remember instructions from my father, and from older preachers I have labored with. Now it is my time to pass on to others some of the things I know have been tried and proven, and other things to avoid. Give me grace and wisdom I pray, to be a help to the younger. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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