Philippians 2:21

21 For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.

“I really would like to, but I don’t have time.”
“Let me check my schedule and get back to you.”
These and many similar and well-used lines
Are the responses when there is work for God to do.

“We’ve made plans to go somewhere that day.”
“The sun is shining and we have got to make hay.”
Underlying the busy schedules of life –
Is a real misunderstanding of darkness and light.

“I’ll see if I can spare a day when we come back from vacation.”
“I would help if I could, but we’ve got another invitation.”
So life passes rapidly by with a lot of good intentions –
But God’s service is well down on the list of obligations.

“One of the children has a game and I’ve got to go there.”
“I promised the family we would all go to the fair.”
Other things press in that we would much rather do –
And the things of the kingdom we can easily eschew.

“When I retire I will have a lot of time then.”
But life is almost over before one is willing to begin
A service for God that demands the first place –
And by then we’re too old to start a new phase.

“I thank Thee Father, for calling me when I was young. I thank Thee for giving me opportunities to serve Thee from the day I was saved. I thank Thee for people in my life who had a vision of the value of the work of God to saints and sinners. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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