Philippians 2:1-2

If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, 2 Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

Love and unity go together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That spirit and purpose in believers happens when we put others first. Selfish ambition divides and destroys that which God desires in an assembly of His people gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. One mind in chapter 1 binds us together in the faith of the Gospel. The submissive mind in chapter 2 shows how this is accomplished in a practical way. The tender mercies and compassion toward each other keeps us not only with a single mind toward the things of God, but a similar mind, the lowly mind, is not just something I put on or off at my choice, but it focuses my mind on the things of others. A humble mind can unify and build up the saints. We need to be on guard against anything that causes division. The attitude and mind of Christ is used as an example for us.

Consolation is such a beautiful word;
It finds its’ source in the risen Lord.
Its’ character stirs thoughts of God’s great grace;
Its’ sound brings comfort to the darkest place.
Its’ source is in Christ, like a well that is full
With refreshing water that will make my soul
Rejoice in the Lord, in spite of passing events;
That may come and go, yet make no sense.

Such encouragement is needed, it comes from God;
And reminds us that He speaks through His written Word.
It not some kind of feeling that just comes and goes;
But consolation gives assurance that God really knows
All the things that challenge and can bring us down;
When we live our lives as if we are on our own.
So first of all, comes the “comfort of love.”
Consolation in Christ, God’s great interest proves.

Consolation goes further; it’s in the nature of it;
To bind us close in the Spirit’s grip.
It is the “fellowship” the Holy Spirit provides,
That encourages me on every side.
I am not alone: the Father and the Son,
Abide with me as I move along.
Also, since new birth, the Holy Spirit lives
Within, and life and guidance gives.

Care and mercy are there when we think of the past;
It is of God’s great mercies that will forever last;
That will make us joyful with a similar mind;
To all those saints who such favor find.
Our wonder at grace shown to us who are undeserving;
Prompts worship and thanks to our Lord unfailing.
Together we praise Him who as Lord we claim;
And offer as one, honor to His holy name.

Consolation is real when we share together,
With the people of God, what has brought forever
As one, such a Body of which I am a part,
And from the bonds of such love never will depart.
Consolation in Christ with one accord and one mind;
Will keep God’s people forever entwined
In the comforting circle into which I have come;
And makes this fellowship I’m in to be called my home.

“I am thankful, Father, that I am not imprisoned like Paul was. Yet there is still the need and blessing, of consolation in Christ when there are things that arise in normal living. The encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ really does matter to me. It is not that I feed on it, but there is something special about a word “fitly spoken” that I appreciate. Thank You for these people who are around me in this life. Amen.”

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