Philippians 1:9
Abounding Love

9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment;

There are many good things we can, and should, apply ourselves to. Some things are more “excellent” compared to others. By discernment that comes to us through the scriptures, we can approve certain things as more appropriate than others. As an instance, the worship of God is a very important part of our Christian life. The Lord Jesus said that those who worship the Father must worship Him “in spirit and in truth.” Behind the act of worship, there is that which I must approvingly discern in myself. To go through a form is not what God intends of me.

What kind of love is this that will continually increase?
What kind of love is this that will never cease?
What kind of love is this that I can seize?
It must be the love of God.

But how can God’s love abound in me?
What is there about it that others can see?
Is there some evidence that God has made to be?
It must be the love of God.

How would such love continually grow?
How would such love out to others flow?
How would God through me Himself to people show?
Evidence of the love of God.

Knowledge can show that love is real;
Knowledge through love can hurts of others heal;
Knowledge in love will God’s heart reveal;
Making visible the love of God.

To step out beyond my own comfort zone;
To take others burdens along with those of my own;
To share what I have learned from God alone;
Is showing the love of God.

To know when to speak and when not to speak;
To know where there are the answers that others seek;
To know when to listen and private counsel keep;
Is passing on the love of God.

To know and not judge and yet judgment make;
To be honest to my friend and yet his counsel take;
To carefully respond and not his confidence break;
Means practicing the love of God.

With knowledge and judgment, God is pleased to use;
A person for His work in the place He shall choose;
To show to my brothers what they will lose;
Apart from the love of God.

Without deceit and without offense;
Love will show grace and some common sense;
And will bear others burdens at one’s own expense;
When we practice the love of God

“Father of all struggling saints: I am sure that there are believers who hardly know what to do next because of the difficulties of life. May I be empowered by Thy Spirit to show them Thy love and Thy knowledge with true judgment in an appropriate manner. May it be evident to them that I care for them and love them in the Lord. May it never be a question in their minds that no one cares for them. May I be able to honestly love them in a Christ-like way and not appear to be patronizing. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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