Philippians 1:9
Abound More and More

9 And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment;

The full knowledge and full discernment needed is a result of the love of God and the comprehensive insight only God can give. Through the word of God, the knowledge of His will and how to apply it to each situation is made plain to us. That abounding love not only gives greater knowledge of God’s will for us, but fuller insight and discernment in making decisions. In life we are constantly confronted with issues in which we have to make moral judgments. Not every decision we make has a precise biblical statement regarding it, but there are effects that come from any matter with which we deal.

Beyond what is normal – continually growing
To practice what I learn by consistently showing
There is a process which comes from biblical knowledge
That cannot be learned by attending a college.
It is rooted in God and passed on by His Spirit
The Divine Teacher knows when I finally do “get it.”
It is insight far beyond mere human understanding
That enables love to abound farther than a lesson I hand in.
It is a maturity that comes by knowing more of God.
It continues on through the practice of assimilating His Word
Until it becomes part of me, not just something factual
Increasing my discernment and making my faith practical.
I don’t want only a theory learned from some other men
Making me smart but not a whole lot like Him
Whose affectionate love had no limits – no bounds
Its reality showed wherever the Lord Jesus was found.
My desire is that same sensitivity and maturation should be
Observable and real by being daily lived out in me.
In times of decision, that love helps me make
Wise choices and actions regarding the way that I take.
Hopefully it will also bring glory and honor to Him
Who has saved me and now keeps me making changes within.
I won’t cease to grow; God has only just got started
To make me what He wants by the Holy Spirit imparted.
As I learn and pray that love will more and more abound –
May His knowledge and judgment in His servant be found.

“Father God, I need more insight that gets deeper and deeper – and more rooted in Thee. I pray this for myself and also for those I know who are seeking to live for Thee and serve Thee in the places to which Thou hast called them. What we need can only really come from Thee. May we all commit ourselves to take His yoke on us and learn of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, Amen.”

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