Philippians 1:8
The Affection of Jesus Christ

We read His words and learn how deeply and compassionately He cared
He looked upon the multitudes as from His divine nature He shared
Not only miraculous fish and bread but His words of life and truth
When they rejected His call to faith, He was grieved for He knew their worth.

May I never look at rejection with anger or with distain
May I always look upon young and old, and consider them all the same
May the affections of Jesus Christ be shown to others through me
May others through me, see something of Christ that they want theirs to be.

We read He met a young rich man who wanted eternal life
When the Lord gave him His answer, he considered it too high a price
Jesus watched him walk away and loved him just the same
Knowing all the time He would be rejected for friends and wealth and fame.

There are those who came close to the door that I know have also rejected
Both the Gospel and me the messenger, thinking they have just neglected
To act in faith at the present, but think the opportunity will come again
And I feel sadness with love for them who carelessly rejected Him.

We read He wept over a city that rejected the Lord as their King
He knew they didn’t realize the consequences rejection would bring
He looked out into the future with tears streaming down His face
For He could see the time ahead when not one stone would be left in its place.

There are towns I have driven through where the Gospel was presented to them
And because of religious prejudice the Gospel was rejected then
Now there is no interest although I know many people there by name
My heart goes out to them who God’s salvation have refused to claim.

On the cross forsaken and alone, He prayed that they might be forgiven
Impartially He still responded and a hell-bound thief went to heaven
He never spoke with bitterness, His affection remained intact
The deep yearning and love for His Father, and us, surrounded His every act.

The soul-winner’s heart reaches out to others; he has deep love for the lost
Often he will go to unusual lengths not considering what it costs
The names of many martyrs and faithful laborers will someday be known
They considered the needs of others more important than those of their own.

“I fear O Lord God, I do not have that deep compassionate love and longing for the well-being of others that I should have. Do You think Father, that I can be trusted to reach out and meet needs the way I should? I am not really so concerned about whether what I believe is accepted by others. I am more concerned about what they believe about the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

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