Philippians 1:7
In my Heart

7 Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace.

It is always a cause to praise the Lord when we know the Lord’s people are sharing in the same grace of God that brought us together as one in Christ. But that grace goes even farther as we go forward in faith together. It is seen in the fellowship we have with each other, and also in the common bond of commitment to the furtherance of the Gospel.

Even though Paul was in chains in prison, the defense and confirmation of the Gospel continued. Adverse circumstances are not a hindrance to the grace of God. The Lord’s people at Philippi were together in the presentation of the Gospel by their fellowship and the different means they could use in communicating the truth. They were also united in spirit in the proclamation of the Gospel. Different people have different gifts and natural abilities which God can use today as well as then.

Paul was limited in the scope of his work for the Lord for the period of time he was in prison, but he used the opportunities he had. So did the Philippian believers where they were. They were of one mind in promoting the Gospel in their area of service. No wonder they were in his heart. These were people who had been saved when he brought the Gospel there. Now they are taking responsibility to further that same life-giving message. The love of Christ motivates us to pass on the Gospel, and it directs us to show and express our love and appreciation for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Gospel work may slow down because of hindrances, so the sharing of God’s grace in every aspect of our lives is strengthening in tough times. It is very important to be involved in the grace of the Gospel in whatever way we can.

There is a oneness we share that is strange to others;
“How do you know them? You don’t look like brothers!”
But the common bond of the Gospel makes as one those we find
Who we’ve never met before but are willing to take the time
To discuss together the fullness of the Gospel of God’s grace,
Which is close to the heart of all those who know Him by faith.
Our hearts are knit together and we willingly identify
Ourselves as those who know the Lord and the truth of God did buy.

Some may be rich and others poor; some are old and others young.
The basis of our common bond goes back to when God began
A work of grace by letting us hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
And because of that message we believe in Him who paid the price
Of redemption – and by the Holy Spirit, placed us in God’s family –
The common bond, being born of God when other family members we see
It is unique – this work of God – but all across this land
We find those of like precious faith and become a happy band.

We all have partaken of the same grace; all of us have the same Spirit.
We all have the same heavenly Father, and the same Savior is ever near us.
We all use the same Holy Book to find our instruction and guidance.
We all have a new love imparted; all have the Teacher to guide us.
We are all going the same way, we all walk on the narrow road.
We all love one another; we all are willing to bear each other’s load.
We all have eternal life; we all have a desire to pray.
We all have love for the souls of others; we all will be in heaven some day.

So remarkably our hearts are warmed when we hear what others are doing.
And often when we meet new family members, we ask, “How are things going?”
And they know automatically we are referring to the state of their spiritual life,
And pass on to us some comments that help us to walk in the light.
How gracious and miraculous of God to bind His children together
With cords of love and interest that come from His imparted divine nature
From place to place; from country to country, this blessing I have found
In the hearts of those in the family of God, the life of God abounds.

“Father in heaven, I thank Thee for all Thy people who bear evidence of the love of God shed abroad in their hearts. Draw us closer to each other – but more – closer to Thee, the Source of new life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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