Philippians 1:6
A Good Work

6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

All these things remain true today when we think and pray for all the saints. Believers still enjoy the Gospel. Emotion has its place in us and from us when it is directed toward others. Thoughts of God’s people; the fellowship we have in Christ; the constraint love has on us; the thoughts of our unity in Jesus Christ raises praise and worship from our hearts even in adverse circumstances. Praising the saints for their strength to withstand the pressures to conform, and for the impact of their lives on others on others, is an important way to encourage God’s people. Genuine praise for a consistent witness and concern for the spread of the Gospel, motivates our fellows saints. All saints need to remember we are in Christ. All believers are able to be effectively used by the Lord. All have a good work that can keep us focused on what is really important. All of us are partakers of God’s grace that comes from the Source of grace to us when it is needed. All have a genuine interest. A proof of reality for ourselves is “do I love the brethren?”

It began with the witness of some faithful men;
In the streets of the city again and again,
They proclaimed the truth witnessing to them,
And now from prison Paul is remembering when –

When Lydia and others went by the river to pray,
And the preachers came there and spoke that day,
And those who prayed, listened to what they had to say,
As they witnessed of Christ, who is “The Way.”

Then the jailor and the prisoners too,
Heard the chained ones sing and praise the God they knew
Forgives the sinners and makes life brand new;
Believed, when they said Jesus will save even you.

The Gospel spread from there, the first town in that land;
The saved ones there were a happy band;
From the very first day, concern for their fellow-man;
Made fellowship in the Gospel a priority demand.

They loved those men who brought the Gospel first;
Paul praised the Lord for their obvious thirst
For the things of God and the Gospel work;
And a love for souls who by sin were cursed.

Paul longed for the saints who lived in that place;
He was hoping to see them again face to face;
There is a bond with those, who we take time to trace,
Have been saved when we told them of redeeming grace.

It is not a sham, we appreciate those,
Who God saved first when the messenger goes
With the truth of God and finds those God chose;
And forever the Gospel binds us close.

We hear their names, and we turn to prayer;
We picture in our minds those loved ones there;
Gathered at the table with the bread and cup to share;
And we thank the Lord for those who on our heart we bare.

“Father, I am thankful that I have had the privilege of taking the Gospel on occasions to people who had never been exposed to the message of salvation. Even now names arise in my mind and I intercede on their behalf; that they will be preserved for testimony in the place Thou hast called them. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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