Philippians 1:26
Abundant Rejoicing

26 That your rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus Christ for me by my coming to you again.

Rejoicing with the lips, as the saints recall again;
Who and how, what and when the work did here begin.
We think about it, talk about it and raise our lips in cheer;
God did Himself begin a work, and it began right here.

Rejoicing hearts go back again and faithful ones recall;
When God did speak with clarion tones, and challenged one and all.
Our souls awoke, our conscience too, began to speak to us;
And rejoicing did break out again, as folks in Christ did trust.

The lost were found, the dead got life, and darkness turned to light;
Our conscience then found peace with God, and we began new life.
Our rejoicing now was not in sin, but in our Christ who died;
And Someone new, now lives within, The Spirit is inside.

Some suffering came, it was not fun, when people walked away;
Families too, rejected light that shone like a new day.
But even then we did rejoice for suffering brings with it;
A simple trust and confidence; we now with sin don’t fit.

We have new hope, and in this fact our hearts now do rejoice;
Because God had given promises when we made Him our choice.
This is a start this life we live, but earth is not our home;
We shall be changed, like Him we’ll be when He for us does come.

We rejoice right now in many ways, as we God’s plans can trace;
For He has given joy that fits our lives in every place.
We rejoice with saints with whom we share our life as we move on;
The day is coming when with rejoicing we think of work well-done.

Rejoicing then with God’s dear ones, seems always to increase;
Rejoicing with the heart abounds, when lost souls find true peace.
Rejoicing with a conscience clear increases as the blessed hope draws near;
Rejoicing is abundant when with the saints we our life share.

“O heavenly Father, I have been finding as I move farther through life, that I am rejoicing more than ever in the simple things. It is not always the great answers to prayer that give such joy, but I now I am experiencing joy in things I have long overlooked. Forgive my ingratitude and help me see each thing big or small, with holy joy. Amen.”

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