Philippians 1:25
Furtherance of Joy and Faith

25 And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith;

Our confidence is in God who knows the reason for everything He allows. When Paul was in prison he did things he could not have done if he was at liberty. It was not wrong for him to hope for release because there was other work yet to be done. We are not done until the One with the key makes that unmistakably clear. The joy we find in a hard place is a real, and maybe more so, than the joy we have when we are at liberty to press ahead to the goal God has for us. Paul wanted “to live Christ.” When that is true, we will find opportunities to bless others wherever we are found. When our minds are focused on Christ and His work, we will have joy through the work of others as well as our own. It will also bring blessing to us and others for which we GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY.

Not looking back to failures or fears.
Not looking back to some wasted years.
Looking ahead to opportunities that wait;
Looking ahead to open doors and gates
That lead into fields waiting to be reaped,
And pastures that are green; ready for sheep
To come and find food they can easily digest –
Just waiting for an under-shepherd who knows best
What is needed and how to get there and find –
Food for the soul; for the life and the mind.

Progress and joy seem to fit well together.
As faith develops one seems to know whether
The need all around can be met by God through him
Whose joy is contagious; able to be caught by other men.
That kind of progress comes when we look ahead –
Not allowing obstacles and opposition to fill us with dread.
Recognizing with humility that his progress and joy,
Is able to be caught by others; he refuses to toy
With the trivial things that hinder and wrongs that attract –
So he looks ahead in faith; not in regret looking back.

Progress can be measured by the signs on life’s road:
“Has this day been to profit?” “Have I today pleased God?”
Progress doesn’t mean badges given; worn with pride –
It really is best measured by changes I know are inside.
And the joy of faith: Why please let me explain –
It started the night when I was born again.
In each successive act of my obedience to God,
Joy increased when I owned Jesus as Lord.
Now in fellowship with God, and my sisters and brothers –
I can progress in life with the joy of faith in my heavenly Father.

“I rejoice in Thee this morning Father. I find delight in the Name and Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and it all comes to me by the Holy Spirit. I praise Thee in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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