Philippians 1:21
For me to Live

21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

However, here we have opportunities that we will not have in the eternal future. One thing that gives value to living now is that we can live for God under adverse conditions, among those who oppose God and His truth, and represent Him and His righteousness. We won’t have that after we die. Another reason for living now even if things are hard is that believers can be helped by us if we so choose, and if we are ready and willing to be used by God. Day to day while Paul was in prison he prayed for the Lord’s people in the different places he had gone preaching the Gospel. While there in prison, letters were written to assemblies and fellow-laborers to give instruction and encouragement. Time can be used effectively or wasted depending on whether we have an attitude of bitterness or blessing.

It comes from God for He is its Source
Even in the darkness there is a life-force
That presses to survive until I am born –
Christ is our life at the beginning.

Time moves on and childhood has its testing
Surviving unseen dangers – Satan is never resting
As he seeks to claim my soul and keep me from trusting
Christ is our life maintaining.

New life is given in Christ and I then received
A whole new attitude – a new creation is conceived
By the Holy Spirit of God when on Jesus I believed
Christ is our life transforming.

Years run their course as I present to men salvation
That has produced in many others spiritual regeneration
Often leading them to commit to a life of consecration
Christ is our life in communicating.

Age brings with it some unwelcome changes
There is no doubt limitations are here as this body ages
Now I am getting to be like one of the ancient sages
Christ is our life sustaining.

Looking back to the beginning and following up to now
If Christ was not my life I often wonder how
I would even want to live if I did not really know
“For to me to live is Christ.”

“His name is still like ointment poured forth Father. It seems like He is more precious, more important, more real to me as the days pass. I do love the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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