Philippians 1:2
Charis and Shalom

Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was by the operation of the Spirit in the work at Philippi people were saved. Lydia, a successful business woman, was religious and had a quiet conversion. A demon possessed slave girl who came from the depths of degradation; a jailor who was a civil servant and was saved as the result of an earthquake; were all part of the assembly at Philippi. There will be the opposition of society. Opposition came right away because money was involved. Whenever souls are saved opposition and suffering takes place.

There is a unique connection with people we know in an area where we presented the Gospel and the Lord saved those dear saints. By the word of the Gospel and the power of the Spirit, they were set apart for God not only now but forever. “All the saints” indicates the rich and poor, old and young, wise and simple, the successful and those who struggle are all one in Christ Jesus. An assembly of believers like the one at Philippi are all participants in the same blessing. In Christ we are neither “Jews nor Gentile, but the church of God.”

Grace and peace are two beautiful words
They sound like they belong together
Ringing like two tones from a heavenly bell
The middle wall has come down
And two cultures become one
Something new has been created out of two.

These come from the highest Source
Designed by infinite and holy Persons
They come in absolute perfection from glory
To display here on a sinful earth
True divinity – that gives without reservation
And is there to grasp and experience personally.

Father-like grace comes – giving and compassionate
Filling a need impossible to get from any human source
Peace that is startling in a world of turmoil
Calms the soul of those who receive His grace
And quietly assures the anxious heart
That all is well – now and forever.

From the incarnate God comes grace to me
Meeting every righteous demand
Because of His divine perfection
And peace is made through His blood
The sacrifice is made – propitiation is permanent
And I can live – and die – in perfect peace.

O how kind and gracious Thou art, O God. How glad I am to be able to experience in this life, as well as the next, the grace and peace freely given to me. I thank Thee, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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