Philippians 1:19
My Salvation

19 For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

There is a quality of life that magnifies Christ whether we are in good or bad circumstances. To live or die is not up to us but to the One who holds that key. As to what I do, though, in life or death is to be an opportunity in which to glorify God. A person with purpose of heart to live Christ has been given a real meaning to life. We are ready to live when we are ready to die. Either one can bring joy into what could have brought sadness. One thing we know about dying, after death is far better for a believer than life is here.

There are more ways to experience salvation then the salvation of the soul.
For those in strong pain on the bed it comes when finally they feel whole.
Or even when there is no hope and they know death soon will come –
Salvation to them is the final release when they arrive at their heavenly home.

Others of God’s people are going through times that are really very tough.
They have been daily persecuted and feel they have had enough.
God in His grace and wisdom chooses to finally set them free –
And they rejoice in their “salvation” of being set at liberty.

Those going through times of testing think those times will never end.
They have been incarcerated in prison; days and nights both seem to blend.
Like Job and Paul, they know God is near to help and their burden share –
Patiently they wait and hope, trusting God who is always near.

The salvation that God effects when a person comes to Him in faith –
We first are aware of at the time when He saves us by His grace.
Then we learn by experience there is a salvation for each unfolding day,
That enables us to live for God as we walk the heavenly way.

When a church has difficulties, there is a salvation too –
That can be accomplished when saints take time to pray things through
And come to a conclusion that brings peace and comfort to the flock.
So unity is maintained as together before the world they walk the walk.

I am not just looking back in life to fifty years and more
To experience the blessings of salvation that took place long before
I realized God was with me and saving me day by day:
My salvation in all its different ways is what God still does for me.

“O God of all grace, 59 years ago Thou didst save my soul from hell. Before that time, and many times since, Thou hast saved my life. How can I thank Thee for doing for me what could never be done by any other person or in any other way. I can only praise Thee and honor Thee, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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