Philippians 1:17
I am Set

17 But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel.

To “live Christ” is different than living for Christ. Living for Christ is an addition to living for ourselves. To live for someone or something gives that the control of our life. To live business makes it the priority over every other interest. To live pleasure or fame sets those things up as the meaning of life. To live Christ puts Him in the place of the life-source of a committed Christian. That would also mean whatever we do would have a good reason behind it. We would use our time as effectively as possible and put our efforts in a place that counts.

A quietness of spirit knowing that God brought me here – “I am set…”
A passion for the souls of those that are near – “I am set…”
A deep understanding of the truths held so dear – “I am set…”
A solemn awareness that only once some may hear – “I am set…”

Not just in pride or with confidence in self – “The defense…”
Not thinking that God left me sitting on a shelf – “The defense…”
Not worrying or complaining no others can help – “The defense…”
Not trusting in men but in the Living God Himself – “The defense…”

It is what God gave me the day I was saved – “The Gospel.”
It is that which I preach to those by sin depraved – “The Gospel.”
It is liberty to those who to their chains are enslaved – “The Gospel.”
It is freedom and new life from the Savior who gave – “The Gospel.”

Whatever men do when they try to oppose – “I am set for the defense of the Gospel.”
Whatever they say then their guilt is exposed – “I am set for the defense of the Gospel.”
Wherever they go, those whom God has chose – “I am set for the defense of the Gospel.”
Whenever they speak, must make sure each one knows – “I am set for the defense of the Gospel.”

“The defense of the Gospel,” was a calling for Paul;
“The defense of the Gospel,” was a blessing to fall;
“The defense of the Gospel,” was a large work, not small;
“The defense of the Gospel,” was a challenge to all.

So now I must ask, “For this work… am I set?
Will I stay firm and steadfast, whatever beset?
Will I be true to the Gospel whatever I get?”
By God’s help, to His Gospel, I again recommit.

“I am not always sure, O God, how much of opposition and tension I would be able to take. I can accept the fact of criticism, of disagreements with methods and personal differences; but I am not sure how I would respond to someone preaching Christ out of contention and making a mockery of the Gospel. I am asking for an understanding that is needed to know how to react if such a time arise. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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