Philippians 1:14
Bold to Speak the Word

14 And many of the brethren in the Lord, waxing confident by my bonds, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.

The potential for bitterness was there when some of the believers who knew Paul was in prison began to preach the Gospel. It is not uncommon for the difficulties of one of God’s children to have an effect on other believers. The unfriendliness of some of those who preached Christ because of “envy and strife” did not make Paul bitter. We have the choice to be glad when God uses others to carry on what we have done, or to be bitter. Sometimes the backward and timid are stirred to action by the misfortune of those who have taken sick or are sidelined for some reason. When they reach out with the Gospel to new areas or follow up a work already begun, we are obviously glad. Then there are those who are restless and have “the itch to preach” and they seek to preach the Gospel even though they are not really able to do it well. It is up to us as to whether we are going to be critical or grateful that Christ is preached.

They must have watched him – strong under pressure
Treating those who guarded him – respectful, measured
Balanced as the opposition focused on him – quietly confident
Quite gracious in words, not threatening – compliant.

Yet the words were spoken fearlessly – in the beginning by him
Then those who had heard and believed – now he encourages them
Not just one or two, but most – both sisters and brothers
Those who had believed on Christ through his message – now speak to others.

Bold words of faith spoken have impact on others – we have something today
But we cannot reach all so the “others” boldly speak out – “Jesus is the Way.”
And from one whose faith is strong, others are stirred – they pick up the refrain
The Gospel is true; Christ has suffered for sin and died – now He is risen again.

And confidence increases as the number of laborers grow – appreciating God
From house to house and city to city with holy boldness – traveling around the world
One man with a vision reaches out in his quiet way – others are made bold
The Word of God is proclaimed by many in their strength – even some who are old.

One looks and sees problems; a world in turmoil – another sees lost sheep
Some glance around complacently without concern – others lose sleep.
Some gather for a “rainy day” – others “give;” burdened for the lost.
Some seek new adventures if they can play – others are bold not counting the cost.

One man in his limitations still can convey his vision – others his vision catch
Not able to reach more than one to whom he is bound – others learn as they watch.
From one to another the challenge comes to reach out and venture – bold to speak
Without fear the Word of God is spread by word of mouth – the lost are reached.

“O Holy God: give to those who are hindered by limitations courage to speak a word when they can. Give to those who hear them a spark to light their own testimony and to pass on what they know. Even here where so many are of us old – give us boldness to speak and faithfulness in prayer. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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