Philippians 1:13
Bonds in Christ

13 So that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace, and in all other places;

Paul knew the reason for his imprisonment was to further the Gospel. And that was the outcome. There was the message of salvation brought to those to whom he was chained and to others who were in the palace as well as to “all other places” where those people would go throughout the Roman Empire. There is joy in the Gospel on the part of those who preach it, those who believe it, angels in heaven and people who are reached by the multiplying effect of heralding the Gospel. What could have been fear, brought boldness.

There are chains forged by men, bonds because of sin.
Contrast bonds in Christ – ways we can manifest Him.
Christ is seen in reflections of grace in His people.
Bonds forged by love are far more lasting and real.

How can these bonds by observers be seen?
When we go through difficulties, do we act like Him?
People marveled at His words that were spoken with grace –
Even children were attracted when they looked at His face.

Publicans and sinners considered Him their friend.
People with problems experienced blessing He did send.
The “bonds in Christ” people need to see today
So they can observe those called “Christians” and hear what they say.

There is no place to hide genuine faith that is lived.
Much of the world “takes,” there are few that will “give.”
When the bonds of Christ are able to be seen –
The manifestation will follow wherever you have been.

From one to another the ripple effect goes.
Truth passes on when one tells what he knows.
A family is changed when one member is saved –
The others watch carefully to see what she has.

Then on to extended groups; maybe other places
Reality shows in life changes and happy faces.
God’s name and His truth is passed on with respect –
And many are blessed because of one’s good effect.

“There are those Father: I know who have had great influence on others. May they continue – and others join them – to extend Thy truth to places near and far. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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