Philippians 1:10
Day of Christ

10 That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ.

With genuine integrity before God and men I should be committed heartily to do what is right under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. The products of righteousness in life will bring glory and praise to God. When I am willing to do that which exalts God in every part of my daily life, God is honored. There are character traits that we should apply in order to “escape the corruption of this world.” When we add to faith virtue which is really excellence, spiritual intelligence and knowledge will then be manifested. Self-control and steadfastness in the things of God follows. Holy dignity leads to genuine affection for others, and Christian love is real. The qualities we should add to our lives are the products of righteousness that keeps us from being idle and barren in our lives.

When such a prayer is answered, God is glorified and praise goes to Him alone. This prayer is for all, not just a few, and when Christ is honored and God is glorified, grateful believers who love the Lord have the natural response of joy for His saving and keeping grace.

Would I be doing the same tomorrow as I have done here today
If I was sure the Lord at 10 o’clock would call all saints away?
Would I be living in mediocrity or would I change my plans –
To make sure that everyone would know the Lord’s Coming is at hand?
Would I have prayed the same way when making intercession?
Would I have pressed more Gospel into my regular conversations?
Would I have thought the same thoughts during my personal devotions?
Would I have written these same words or am I going through the motions?

I hope I will still keep God’s people in my thoughts and prayers.
And I hope my love for them will show as much as they show theirs.
I want my knowledge to increase when making my decisions
And common sense guided by the Spirit to lead me in paths of wisdom.
I know I have to test things that I will say and do –
Making sure what I tell the saints is biblical and true.
I know some things would be different than are usual to me –
I want to make sure what I take in is what God wants to me to see.

The Day of Christ may be nearer than I may say or think.
That day may be today – we may be living on the brink
Of that first moment we see Jesus and look upon His face –
And the nail marks in His hands my fingers long to trace.
Lord, help to be sincere and not fill my cracks with wax.
Keep me from offending others – to be faithful is what I ask.
I don’t want to cover up things – the Lord may come at any time –
When I see my Lord’s face, I would like it to be reflected in mine.

“Father, this may be the day Thou hast appointed to call the saints up to be with the Lord. May I be able to step from what I am doing into the Lord’s presence without being startled. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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