Matthew 9


Power To Forgive
v.1-2. “Their faith” – that of the needy man and those that brought him to Jesus. We are able to help others to believe. “Forgiven” – the sins that cause his disease thus fulfilling the prophecies of Isa.53:4-6, “He was wounded…”
v.3- 8. Criticism is to be expected wherever God works.
v.9. Matthew was one of those despised by the Jews. He was a sinner in the eyes of the people. Christ looks beyond what man sees, and sees the man – and calls him by His authority. Matthew had to complete the relationship by following Christ and no saying “No.”

Power Over Traditions
v.10-13. Matthew’s first act as a disciple was to gather those of his own class to eat with Jesus and His disciples. They had to learn what Hos.4:6 means – God is more anxious to have mercy that to receive what men bring to Him.
v.14-17. Why fast when we are experiencing God’s presence and working among us. We fast when there is a felt or unmet need.


  • Sin is forgiven
  • One despised is accepted
  • God’s heart is revealed, “I will have mercy.”
  • God has set new forces in motion in His kingdom work


Power Over Death
v.18-26. A wealthy man came with quiet dignity to make his appeal. A beggared, outcast, sick woman came secretly to get her need met. The ruler had enjoyed 12 years of sunshine and joy. The sick woman had endured 12 years of suffering, and would have been an outcast because of the nature of her disease.
v.27-34. Two blind men came noisily, persistently and determined to be heard. A dumb, demon possessed man was brought by other as he was too far gone to come himself.

All appealed to the Lord Jesus Christ for what they needed. Each was beyond the help of men. He responded to each need differently, appropriately and in a perfectly suited way.

  • He was ready to meet the ruler’s need without being pressured in any way, and in a tender act of sympathy and power – death was vanquished. He has power over death.
  • He met the woman’s need before she spoke and she was publicly recovered before eyes of all after 12 years of rejection – disease was cured. He has power over disease,
  • He allowed two blind men to pour out all their hearts of frustration, and with a tender, healing touch – sight was granted. He has power over darkness.
  • He exercised His authority over demons when the dumb man was brought by others, and without an audible word – unheard power brought freedom and speech. He has power over the devil.


v.35-36. The King and His compassion: He deep feeling for those in need and identified with it and knew what He had to do. He knew the necessity of being a shepherd to them and giving His life for the sheep. He saw His kingdom as humans in need.
v.37-38. He was willing and wanted the help of others who would be laborers in His field. He calls for laborers to gather in the harvest.

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