Matthew 8:1
Taught, Wrought, Thought

When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.

What Jesus taught was clear and plain:
From the Beatitudes to the final warnings to men;
In the ten-fold message He spoke on the mount;
Jesus’ kingdom truths covered all of the ground.

Morals and motives; worship and work;
Spiritual and social – He left none in the dark.
Encouragements and warnings; choices to make –
Lessons He taught to the people, we are wise to take.

When He left the mountain, there were needs everywhere.
People with sicknesses, others in despair –
Were wanting His help, they knew Jesus alone,
Was the One who could do, what needed to be done.

There were lepers and palsied; fevers and blind –
Demon possessed ones, followed behind –
Because the miracles He did, they wanted to see,
Could only be done, by none other than He.

Ten miracles in all from chapter eight to though to ten:
What Jesus wrought is there for all to be seen.
Add on to the teaching from five on through seven –
The proof is in place – He is the King sent from heaven.

From eleven through eighteen we find the reactions of men.
What the people thought of Him enlightens us then –
To the variety of ways people respond to the King.
Only those who really know Him, true honor will bring.

“Father in heaven, what great blessings came to men through the Savior. His teaching gave guidance; His miracles gave proof; to His followers He gave life. I am glad that I have life through Him. Thank You, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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