Matthew 7:3
Motes And Beams

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

It is hard to see, it takes careful searching, why are you looking so hard?
The reason you can’t see it is that big log in front of you.
What log you say? Why the one sticking out of your eye.
The one that is impairing your vision;
The one you are trying to ignore.
The one that is so obvious to everyone but you.
The one that hinders everything you put your hand to.
The one that you don’t like to admit is there;
The one that colors your vision;
The one that throws your discernment way off kilter.

That little mote: why is it such a bother to you?
How did you come to notice it in the first place?
He asked for some advice and you picked up on that little flaw?
Can it be that you are such a nit-picker? Are you for real?
That little mote only makes him blink a little faster when he cries.
That little mote doesn’t affect his vision in the slightest.
That little mote isn’t known at all – only to those you told.
That little mote hasn’t hindered his worship or service in the least.
That little mote doesn’t change the value of that brother or his service.
That little mote only let others know you are a very small person.

Wait a minute, you mean I’m the one with the beam?
Yes, you looking in the mirror, that is a genuine beam stuck in your eye.
You mean I am the nit-picking, gossiping, pain in the neck?
Yes, I am the one that needs some eye surgery to get my eyesight back again.
You mean I am the one causing the problem and not the one with the mote?
Yes, the mote has you sidelined, side tracked and if you’re not careful, wrecked.
You mean it is serious to be looking for motes in your brother’s eye?
Yes, very serious – especially when I have a beam in my own.
You mean I had better stop looking for motes in other people’s eyes?
Yes, because you are already half blind when you can only see out of one eye.

“O God, please help me to mind my own business. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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