Matthew 5:48
The Challenge

48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

Is God asking of me what is impossible to do?
Is He expecting real perfection – not things done for show?
The challenge of fatherhood seems beyond my reach –
I’m wondering if this is a standard for me, that I might teach –

Perfect World [Gen.1:31]
I read that when God created everything, He said it was very good.
That reminds me that every task I attempt must be done the way it should
Be – for looking on and learning from the way I approach each job at hand
That I am doing this work for the Lord – not just to be seen of men –

Perfect Word [Ps.19:7]
Every word God spoke was truth, we can be sure He meant what He said.
He never told a joke, all He said was in a way no one was deliberately mislead.
I too need to remember when I am speaking to others,
Never to say things in a way that will leave others to wonder –

Perfect work [De.32:4]
Things not seen by men are God’s most important works.
Redemption and reconciliation – salvation by faith’s simple look –
Remind me that what really counts when my life’s work is done,
Are those attributes and lessons passed on from my heart alone –

Perfect Ways [Ps.18:30]
God’s perfect ways are obviously different than mine.
From both Him and hopefully me, the strength of character shines
When my works and words – and especially my ways –
Makes consistency of life and the words that I say –

Perfect Will [Ro.12:2]
God’s perfect will He wants to make known to me.
Not conformed to the world but mind-transformed is the way to be.
To a man who is a worshipper and wanting God’s way for his own,
He is bound to be the right kind of man in his home –

“O my heavenly Father, on this day that was set aside 100 years ago as “Father’s Day” there must have been some recognition that all was not going right in many homes. On this day as I speak to people about Thee, my gracious Father, may I have grace in my lips, love in my heart, peace on my face and an obvious sense of the well-being of a child knowing all is well between my and my Father. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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