Matthew 5:2
The Character Of The Teacher

2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

How can we impart our character to others?
Teachers do this as well as fathers and mothers.
It is not an easy task to make inward changes when,
We are dealing with habits already formed in men.
When the Master sat down with His disciples and taught.
He presented kingdom principles, and it seemed that He sought
To carefully explain how character from within,
Is lived out in life, and gives light unto men.

The standards we live by have their source in the law;
But the reality of truth is not in outward forms at all.
Christ has fulfilled the law’s demands in Himself.
Now through His provision, we depend on His help
To make us acceptable to God as the Master explains;
The kingdom provisions that new life we will gain.
We learn by the example of Him who truth teaches,
And the character of Him to His disciples then reaches.

It will never be easy to follow our Lord.
The demands of the kingdom are not of the world.
To truly love enemies is not understood;
For most of our enemies are not very good.
We want, by our nature, to see our enemies put down;
But the Master says, “Bless them,” not enemies shun.
If the man that opposes shall smite on your cheek;
Let that same one understand, it’s his blessing you seek.

So if I’m going to be like Him, I will be like the salt.
I won’t be complaining or trying to find fault
With all that is happening when it seems to go wrong.
I will try to right wrongs as I travel along
On this road that leads onward in the heavenward way.
I will seek to bless others and brighten the day
Of those in the dark by bringing clear light;
Through the character of Him who banishes night.

“How I would like to be like my heavenly Teacher, O God. My desire is to be like Jesus. It would be so satisfying to see some who have listened, learn kingdom principles and apply them to their own character-building experiences. I hope I am not taking some credit here, but I do see evidence of changes in some of those young men and women who have spent time studying Thy Word while they were with us. Bless them with strength of holy character, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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