Matthew 4:10
Moral Right

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

It is easy to see; it is made right clear –
Satan had no authority over Him when He was here.
He tried to attract Jesus in His human flesh;
With flesh, world and himself, he tried his best –
But the Lord was sinless even as a man;
The temptations were useless though Satan planned
To bring Him down under his authority;
But though Jesus was a man, He was still deity.

He was and is God, of that there’s no doubt.
Often careless men speak foolish words about
The Lord when He was here, that He could have sinned.
But if that was the case, He could sin again.
And if He could sin again, then we are in jeopardy
Of losing salvation, which could not be;
For He is God in His eternal being –
And came here as man, the captives freeing.

He has every right to claim worship from men.
He is supreme in Himself, and has always been
The God of Creation, the Great “I AM;”
And here to the world the God-Man came
To identify fully with sinners in their deepest need.
Morally, He has the right to expect we heed,
Without hesitation, each word and command;
He is God in His being, and in His flesh He is a man.

All the witnesses are heard from, Christ is the King.
His genealogy from history, natural proofs bring.
The angels of heaven – messengers at His birth;
Brought testimony from heaven and declared it on the earth.
The star that guided the wise from the east,
Brought witness from creation, He is who He said.
The scriptures of truth in fulfillment of Him,
Add the prophetic endorsement – He’s the Son of Man.

The Father in heaven, speaks pleasure in the Son.
John at His baptism, says, “This is the One,
Who God made the Bearer, of the sin of the world.”
The Holy Spirit led to the wilderness the only One who could
Be perfect among the world of men.
So now we are able to be accepted if when,
We trust this Savior who salvation did bring –
He is Jesus the Lord, our Savior and King.

“What wonderful and glorious proofs there are Father, that Jesus is the One who could fulfill all righteousness and bring us to Thee. I praise Thee for this revelation, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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