Matthew 2:2
Where Is He?

2 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

A simple question from some men with anxious hearts,
Stirred the people of a city to an awakening civic need.
They wanted to find Him who they hoped would start
To bring national freedom – they would follow His lead.
They wanted a king to restore the nation,
Hoping the bondage of Roman would be gone.
But a king over each soul, that’s a different consideration –
They wanted what they wanted – not God’s only begotten Son.

The wickedness of Herod was well-known to everyone.
The position of authority, he guarded with his life.
He demanded from the scribes where the child would be born,
So the question, “Where is He?” was to put Him to the knife.
To live his life his own way, was what Herod really wanted;
The question of another king, filled his heart with evil rage.
The death of many children left his darkened mind undaunted,
There are those that think like Herod, even in this age.

Among all the subterfuge and duplicity of this age,
There are some searching souls who want an answer to this question.
They have deep-seated longings the world can’t assuage,
And are worried as they travel, regarding their final destination.
Most live for this day alone and let tomorrow bring what will,
Their instant pleasure being what matters most to them.
A few still seek the Savior and some meaning to fulfill
An empty life that up till now, condemns because of sin.

What they really want and need is forgiveness that God gives.
This is granted only to them who search for and find God’s Son.
He is near to all that call upon Him, it is only “Look and Live.”
They will find the Savior ready and salvation’s work is done.
Now He is Lord and King of all who call upon His name;
And they are citizens of heaven in the kingdom of “new-born,”
Accepted now and worshipers with the ancient kings who came;
They have found the One they searched sitting on heaven’s throne.

“Heavenly Father, my rhymes are way off today but my thoughts are centered on Him the wise men sought. I am thankful that He has been found of me and I am found of Him. I know it is true that ‘A seeking Savior and a seeking sinner always meet.’ In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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